Our story & manifesto


We have carried the basic idea behind KLIMATES unconsciously within us for a very long time. When the now very successful company HEMPMATE was founded in 2017, the founding and management team already decided that part of all the income should go to benefit eco-social projects. This was born out of the belief that not only could hemp be an exceptional and special ingredient in consumer products, but it clearly has the power to change the world for the better. In particular, we are driven by the realization that mammals, including us humans, have a “hemp system” in their bodies and that hemp is able to maintain and recultivate habitats. It is a gift to us that we must and will use in many ways!

Five years after HEMPMATE was founded, the conceptual foundation for KLIMATES was laid and launched in 2023. The global climate debate is becoming more and more acute and the need for action is increasing without any real success. For over 44 years (Jan. World Climate Conference) we have been trying politically, with non-profits and federally to get the emission-based impact of the last 100 years on this planet under control. The result for this period is modest, because these goals are opposed to a strongly capitalist-driven ideology.

As a solution to reducing human emissions impact on this planet, we as a global community have agreed to reduce these emissions, particularly the increased production of CO₂ over the last century. Many projects start there and we also want to contribute to this global goal. But better.

KLIMATES will not only invest in reforestation projects or technologies. We will also invest in the massive CO₂-binding expansion of industrial hemp areas. Hemp will not only bind a lot of CO₂, but also recultivate areas and make them usable for other plants.

We also operate as a profit-oriented company. We believe that we as humanity have got to this point by pursuing capitalist goals. We have been shaped and conditioned to do this for decades, without interruption. It is therefore logical that we find it extremely difficult to change anything at short notice. Accordingly, we at KLIMATES believe that the capitalist approach can also act as a solution and is the fastest way to change. This means that everyone at KLIMATES not only makes a valuable contribution to CO₂ offsetting, but can also generate an income with it. Accordingly, we are also launching KLIMATES as a movement in which individual members are partially monetarily motivated in the form of a reward system. This ensures organic distribution in the sense of a network. We are convinced that in this way we will be able to gain an extremely large number of KLIMATES within a very short period of time and thus be able to offset millions of tons of CO₂ in the short term, or to green many areas again or promote meaningful projects.

We would like to introduce everyone to the topic in an uncomplicated and joyful way. Uncomplicated means that we initially rely on direct offsetting without collecting an individual profile. We believe that the willingness to do something is significantly higher because hardly any time or work has to be invested. Once you are a member of KLIMATES, everyone is already open to the topic. From that point on, we continue to do educational work and show every CLIMATE how to avoid emissions, reduce them and ultimately have to offset less (tip: ">Sign up for our newsletter). It is the opposite approach compared to other projects, but we will prove that it is the more efficient way and therefore ensures quicker success. We are convinced that everyone will only consider the possibilities of avoiding and reducing emissions if they can save money, which in turn represents a very high motivation in our capitalistically driven system.

Our hero’s journey together begins now and we are making a valuable contribution to protecting and maintaining our earth. We are looking forward to the start of this journey and, as a start-up, we want to change the world in the truest sense of the word.