We have a lot planned and the sky is the limit! With KLIMATES we want to change the world in the truest sense and make everyone a climate hero by offsetting their footprint. That's why our motto is “WITH ZERO TO HERO”. We want to make as many people as possible members of our movement and, through membership, show how emissions can be avoided and reduced so offsetting can be reduced gradually and through an adapted lifestyle.

We want KLIMATES to be active in every country in the world and reach a significant number of members in every country in the world. We want to achieve what Facebook and other social networks have achieved!

With KLIMATES we want to prove that many people are already willing to do something for this planet and are looking for a simple way to support this forward-looking topic. Through easy entry we want to leave a clearly noticeable imprint in the area of climate protection.

We think it’s fair that the younger generation shouldn’t have to fix everything the older generations caused, so at KLIMATES we first focus on offsetting and then on avoidance and reduction.

KLIMATES should set a standard. We want to establish our own seal of approval for sustainable and transparent projects or strengthen existing seals of approval and rating systems. When people hear the word KLIMATES they should associate it with trustworthiness and sustainability.

KLIMATES should be recognized in society and by the lawmakers. If a kind of CO₂ tax is introduced for private households and/or companies, the offsetting should be creditable via KLIMATES so the tax does not apply to KLIMATES members.

KLIMATES should make climate protection fun and profitable! KLIMATES should do more now than has been achieved in the last 44 years. We hold ourselves accountable. With KLIMATES we are taking matters into our own hands!


September 2022

Development of the basic idea of KLIMATES and internal team presentation by the Board of Directors and CEO. Joint definition of the principles and strategy in Switzerland. We laid the foundation stone in a workshop on 9 September 2022 in our office in Brunnen. Since then, the team has been working on the preparations and the success of KLIMATES.

November 2022

International registration of the word, figurative mark and logo of KLIMATES.

January 2023

A special New Year’s greeting with the announcement of a new movement reached our networks on 1 January 2023. Completion of the concept and foundation of KLIMATES AG (Aktiengesellschaft) with entry in the commercial register on 9 January 2023. Completion of the graphic conception and the websites. Preparation and exploration of the projects. The first 1,600 trees have already been planted and selected commercial hemp partners have been contractually bound.

February 2023

Our close partners, friends and colleagues get an insight into the world of KLIMATES for the first time in the form of a live event in Vienna (pre-launch). In addition to presenting this movement, we present how we envision a successful spread of the mission. Our KLIMATES Movement Plan is presented and the first KLIMATES members outside of the corporate team are born.

April 2023

KLIMATES goes live and presents itself to the world. From now on, new members will join us every day to further expand our movement. The expansion of projects and compensation is picking up speed. The first industrial hemp is planted for KLIMATES.

Rest of the year 2023

  • Increase in membership through our KLIMATES Movement Plan
  • Expansion of projects and investments and activation in the members area (back office) / integration of a project map (via Google Maps)
  • Adjustments to websites and processing of constructive feedback from our KLIMATES members
  • Development of further useful information and climate-neutral offers exclusively for KLIMATES (">register now for the newsletter)
  • Preparations for the individual CO₂ calculator and subsequent tariff change (implementation then planned for summer 2024)
Mission statementImage

As a profit-oriented company, we would nevertheless like to follow the positive principles of non-profit associations and/or NGOs in order to avoid disproportionate excess profits. It is important to all of us that the majority of our efforts and contributions end up in environmental protection. We have therefore defined the following company principles:

  • The entire team within KLIMATES treats each other as equals, regardless of hierarchy or position. We sit symbolically at round tables and reach joint decisions. If opinions differ, we seek a compromise the Swiss way. This also applies to external employees, service providers and business partners
  • All employees are members of KLIMATES and offset their footprint. If the offsetting takes place in a different way, this requirement is also considered to have been met
  • All employees at KLIMATES are encouraged, at least during work, to avoid or reduce emissions if possible. When it comes to business trips in particular, everyone tries to travel as climate-neutrally as possible if the business trip can no longer be prevented. However, the optimization of travel behavior must not prevent the cohesion and personal communication of the KLIMATES.
  • The salary structure within KLIMATES aims to be fair. There are no salary differences between the biological sexes. A fair wage structure means that senior management’s wages do not exceed ten times that of the lowest wage earner. This applies in particular to premiums or bonuses. Either everyone gets a bonus or no one does.
  • The Supervisory Board and Management Board of KLIMATES do not receive any direct remuneration from the company and work in the organization out of conviction.
  • If the company’s net profit after tax is more than 5%, the profits above this should be invested in CO₂-offsetting or other climate-protecting projects.
  • Wherever it is possible for us, while at the same time protecting necessary company secrets (e.g. personal information), we will work with absolute transparency and make information accessible to members.
  • We will have core services audited and confirmed by a credible third party so that every member of KLIMATES can be sure that the promises will be kept.
  • We will regularly reflect on our offers and services and ensure that we get better!
  • Making mistakes is human and desirable. It is more important to learn from the mistakes and not to repeat them.
  • We are pushing digitization in order to operate virtually as far as possible.
  • KLIMATES is and always will be climate-neutral.